Organic Super Silver



Super Silver Kush



Organic Super Silver is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has all the buzz energy you could possibly need for your day. This strain is a cross between the award-winning Super Silver Haze and the popular Blue Dream. Organic Super Silver has an earthy aroma and is a must-try for both sativa and hybrid lovers. Cannabis testing labs have measured Silver Surfer’s potency at between 12% and an impressive 26% THC.

When properly cured, the flowers have a musky, earthy scent, similar to that of damp soil. But when smoked this kush will have an aroma of its parent, Blue Dream. It takes effect quickly, launching the smoker into a new vision of consciousness. Sudden, inexplicable euphoria may set in, elevating the user’s mood and energy levels.

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HO, HQ, O, Q

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